Otto Brenner Stiftung

14th International Conference 2013

The Otto Brenner Foundation ant the cooperation partners cordially invite to the 14th International Conference with the subject

"Defending Social Europe! - Cross-border experiences"

The Conference will be held in the The Westin Hotel in Leipzig from the 10th to the 12th of April 2013. 

A growing Euro-scepticism, the impacts of the economic and financial crisis of the last years as well as tendencies of a renationalisation of political discourses lead to offences against the social constitution of Europe. Up to now everyone was occupied with the development of the social rights in Europe, now everyone is challenged to defend the achievements and to prevent a social downturn.

In the context of three discussion panels, the conference dealt with the debates about Europe in the Republic of Poland, in the Czech Republic and in Germany from the different perspectives. These countries have been developing close cross-border cooperations at every level over the last two decades.

We are looking forward to a productive conference with lively debates.